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Flack Genealogy - "A One-Name Study"


There are numerous facilities that are part of our online searchable database. We are sure you will use it extensively and we hope you find what you are looking for.

This website was launched in June 2004. It was created by Denise Carr & Jim Flack with the aim of FREELY providing researchers of the FLACK SURNAME with the best available information. Our aim is quite simply to be "The Number 1 source of Flack Genealogy Data and Family History information on the Internet."
In Feb 2020 we ( were in the top one or two search results in all the Major Search Engines (if you search for 'Flack Genealogy') - so we had come a long way in achieving what we set out to do from first starting the website.
This website is now hosted by The Guild of One Name Studies at - so please bear with us if you find any broken links (I have to recheck them all) and please dont forget to rebookmark this site on your computer,

The Surname Origin page shows the Flack Family Crest and an explanation of the source of the Flack surname.

The Surname Distribution page shows how the surname is spread across the UK and hence the surname density in the various counties.

The Flack Database is a fully searchable database. Just type in as much information as you can and it will produce the search result for you. The database is obviously an ongoing 'build process' and if the information you seek isn't there then you can e-mail us and we will do our best to find an answer for you.

In the Parish Registers Section you will find an ongoing 'build up' of Flack baptism, marriage and burial data from Parish Registers.

In the Family Histories pages you will find some "NoteWorthy Flack's" and some "Flack Family Trees.
The Flack Family Trees are where we display Descendant Trees for the larger Flack Families we have.
At some stage in the future we may also have some "Linked Family Trees" which would show Descendant Trees of other surname families that are know to link into Flack Families.

You can also use the Site search facility provided by 'Google' to look for 'names' we have on the website. I would point out however that this is really meant to search for words found in the general website. For all family tree information its always best to try and use the searchable database first.

The various Links pages are provided to give you links to other research sources. We hope you find these links useful.

OUR AIM is to provide YOU with Flack Information - but it's obvious we don't know everything. So if you have any Flack information we don't have, and you are willing to share it, then please drop us a line and via our e-mail.
ALSO - the site is always changing and if anything doesn't work properly then let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

ONE LAST WORD OF CAUTION - All the information here on site is as accurate as we can possibly make it. But all the information on the site is at best a transcript from the original source, and in many cases several times removed from the original. We would therefore encourage you to view the information as a research aid, and try to check the originals out for yourselves whenever you can.

Good Luck with your research
Denise & Jim

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